2016 World Horror Convention  April 28 - May 1, 2016 in Provo, Utah


Welcome to the ZomBee State!

Committee Members

Want to help run the convention?  Most areas still need help.

Send an email to worldhorror2016 (at) gmail (dot) com!

Committee members get a discount on their memberships.

Concom information

Chair: chair@whc2016.org

    Charlie Harmon

Vice-Chair: richard@whc2016.org

    Richard Luke

Assistant to the Chair: toad@whc2016.org

    Toad Bascom   

Advertising (program book, souvenir anthology, webpage): advertising@whc2016.org

    Charlie Harmon

Art Show:  artshow@whc2016.org

    Art Show Coordinator: Kammi Davis

    Assistant: Dineh Torres

Art Show setup:

    Jared Rencher

    Leslie Rencher

Dealers’ Room: dealers@whc2016.org

    Coordinator: Stephen Harmon

Film Festival: filmfestival@whc2016.org

    Coordinator: Mario DeAngelis

Gaming (tabletop & demos):

    Coordinator: Jessica Fowler

    Assistant: Nick Fowler

Guest Liaison:

    Coordinator: Ryan Noorda

    Assistant: Darlene Nethery


    Coordinator: Julia Nielson

    Assistant: Kathryn Luke

    Charles Galway

    Joann Moore

    Andrew Nielson

    Abby Normal

    Joshua P. Sorensen

    Nancy Sorensen

Hotel Liaison:

    Charlie Harmon


    Jenna Eatough


    Con Ops: Toad Bascom

    Program Ops: Arlen Walker

    Badges, Pocket Program: Becky Clegg

    Ops: Logan Kearsley

Pitch Sessions: pitches@whc2016.org

    Coordinator: Robin Ambrose

    Assistant: DawnRay Ammon

Program Book:

    Bailey Hunter

    Aleta Clegg (proofreader)

Programming/Readings: programming@whc2016.org

    Charlie Harmon

    Steve Diamond

Publicity/Promotional Advertising:

    Steve Diamond

    Cody Langille

    Dineh Torres

    Christauna Asay   

Registration (At-Con):

    Coordinator: Amy White

    C. R. Asay

    Terra Luft

    Cheryl Pfeiffer

    Jaren Rencher

    Jessica Richards

    Ashley Szanter

    Callie Stoker

Social Media:

    James Beers

    Julie Frost

    K. Scott Forman

    Charlene Harmon

    Cody Langille

    Terra Luft


Souvenir Anthology:

    Bailey Hunter

    Aleta Clegg (proofreader)

Zombie Squad (security):
    Chief: Michael Harmon

    Adam Clark

    Jacob Harmon

    Nicholas Montelongo

    Patrick Starrs


General Information: whcinfo (at) gmail (dot) com or worldhorror2016 (at) gmail (dot) com