2016 World Horror Convention   April 28 - May 1, 2016, Provo, Utah    


Welcome to the ZomBee State!

Committee Members

Want to be on the committee?  We can always use you!

Send an email to worldhorror2016 (at) gmail (dot) com!

Chair: chair@whc2016.org

    Charlie Harmon

Vice-Chair: richard@whc2016.org

    Richard Luke

Vice-Chair: toad@whc2016.org

    Toad Bascom   

Advertising (program book, souvenir anthology, webpage): advertising@whc2016.org

    Jaleta Clegg

Art Show:  artshow@whc2016.org

    Jessica Douglas

    Joe Monson

    Kammi Davis

Dealers’ Room: dealers@whc2016.org

    Stephen Harmon

Film Festival: film@whc2016.org

    Mario DeAngelis


    Julia Nielson

    Kathryn Luke

Guest Liaison

    Ryan Noorda

Hotel Liaison:

    Charlie Harmon

    Richard Luke


    Toad Bascom

    Becky Gregory

    Arlen Walker

    Nick Montelongo


    Party Maven: Open

    Assistants: Erin Ruston, Chris Primeau

Pitch Sessions: pitches@whc2016.org

    Robin Ambrose

Program Book:

    Jaleta Clegg

Programming: programming@whc2016.org

    Charlie Harmon

    Blake Casselman

    Steve Diamond

Publicity/Promotional Advertising:

    Steve Diamond

    Cody Langille

    Richard Luke

    Dineh Torres


Registration (At-Con):

    Jessica Fowler

    Nick Fowler

    Trisha Hull

    Cheryl Pfeiffer

    Amy White

Social Media:

    Toad Bascom

    Charlene Harmon

    Cody Langille


Souvenir Anthology:

    Bailey Hunter

Zombie Squad (security):
    Michael Harmon

    Nicholas Montelongo

    Adam Clark

    Jacob Harmon

General Information: whcinfo (at) gmail (dot) com or worldhorror2016 (at) gmail (dot) com