2016 World Horror Convention  April 28 - May 1, 2016 in Provo, Utah


Welcome to the ZomBee State!

Tabletop games at WHC

Epic Puzzles and Games will have items for sale in the game room.

Horror-based tabletop games are becoming more popular.  So, to give those of you who haven't played some of these games a chance to see what's out there, we have a number of game demos and tournaments for World Horror attendees!

NOTE: The tabletop game room is open to the general public, but everyone will have to pay to play in a tournament.  The art show and vendors' room are also open to the public.  Come browse the game room during and between games!

Tabletop Games Schedule

Games are free to play.  Tournament cost is $5/person.

Thursday Times--

Zombie Munchkin Demo: 3:15  PM

Gloom: 5:45 PM

*Zombie Munchkin Tournament: 7:00 PM

Friday Times--

Zombie Dice: 12:45 PM

Shadow Hunters: 2:00 PM

*Gloom Tournament: 3:15pm

Scary Tales: 4:30 PM

Zombies!!: 5:45 PM

Saturday Times--

Betrayal: 12:45 PM

Bring Out Yer Dead: 2:00 PM

Cards Against Humanity; 3:15 PM

*Zombie Dice Tournament: 4:30 PM

Arkham Horror: 7:30 PM

*Cards Against Humanity Tournament; 9:00 PM

Sunday Times--

Card of the Dead: 11:30 AM

Ultimate Werewolf: 12:45 PM