2016 World Horror Convention  April 28 - May 1, 2016 in Provo, Utah


Welcome to the ZomBee State!

Special Guests:

  Linda Addison

Linda Addison is an American poet and writer of horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Addison is the first African-American winner of the Bram Stoker Award, which she won three times for her poetry collections Consumed, Reduced to Beautiful Grey Ashes (2001)[1] and Being Full of Light, Insubstantial (2007) and How To Recognize A Demon Has Become Your Friend (2011.)

Visit her page at: http://www.cith.org/linda/

  Michael Arnzen

Michael Arnzen is an award-winning author of horror fiction and an English professor at Seton Hill University, where he has taught writing since 1999. His trophy case includes four Bram Stoker Awards and an International Horror Guild Award for his often funny, always disturbing stories. Join his social network at michaelarnzen.com.

Jason V Brock is an award-winning and nominated writer, editor, filmmaker, composer, and artist, and has been widely-published online, in comic books, magazines, and anthologies, such as Qualia Nous, Disorders of Magnitude (nonfiction collection; finalist for the Bram Stoker and Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards), Simulacrum and Other Possible Realities (fiction/poetry collection), Fungi, Weird Fiction Review, Fangoria, S. T. Joshi's Black Wings series, and many others.

He was Art Director/Managing Editor for Dark Discoveries magazine for more than four years, and publishes a pro journal called [NameL3ss], which can be found on Twitter: @NamelessMag, and on the Interwebs at www.NamelessDigest.com. He and his wife, Sunni, also run Cycatrix Press (books include A Darke Phantastique [Bram Stoker Award nominee], and The Bleeding Edge, to name just two), and have a technology consulting business.

As a filmmaker, his work includes the critically-acclaimed documentaries Charles Beaumont: The Life of Twilight Zone’s Magic Man, The AckerMonster Chronicles! (winner of the 2014 Rondo Hatton Award for Best Documentary), and Image, Reflection, Shadow: Artists of the Fantastic. He is the primary composer and instrumentalist/singer for his band, ChiaroscurO. Brock loves his wife, their family of herptiles, travel, and vegan/vegetarianism.

He is active on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter (@JaSunni_JasonVB), and their personal website/blog, www.JaSunni.com.

Sunni K Brock writes speculative fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and edits digital video. She has been published in several anthologies and periodicals, and edited three films, including the Rondo Award-winning documentary, The Ackermonster Chronicles!. Her strong technical background includes working for Microsoft, Adobe, and Sonic Solutions with expertise in multimedia, intelligent learning algorithms, and exploration of virtual reality and lucid dreaming. She enjoys spending her days working alongside her husband, author/filmmaker Jason V Brock, tending to their pet herptiles, running their technology consulting business, cooking extravagant vegetarian meals, and aggravating friends on Facebook.

   Michaelbrent Collings

Michaelbrent Collings is a bestselling novelist and produced screenwriter. As a novelist, he is one of the top indie horror writers in the U.S., an international bestseller of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and thrillers, and has spent years as one of Amazon’s top-selling horror writers. As a screenwriter, he has written movies for Eric McCormack (Will & Grace, Perception), Elisabeth Rohm (American Hustle, Angel), and Kaylee DeFer (Gossip Girl). He is a member of the Writers Guild of America, the Horror Writers of America, and the International Thriller Writers, and can be found slaving away daily creating things that will thrill, scare, and inspire.

  Victoria Price

Daughter of Vincent Price

Vincent Price is a true Hollywood legend, whose vast and distinguished career--as the voice of The Saint on the radio, in such unforgettable films as House of Wax and The Fly, and on the Broadway stage--spanned more than a half-century. In addition to being an icon of stage and screen large and small, Price was also an avid art collector, a gourmand, a dashing and relentless charmer, and a loving father. His daughter Victoria was born shortly before Price turned 51, at the height of his popularity. Though the star's busy film schedule took him in and out of his young daughter's life, he was always a larger-than-life presence and, simply, her father.

Victoria will share insights on her father’s life and on his movies.  She also has written a biography of her father and had republished some of her father’s works.

Check out her table in the dealers’ room and go to http://vincentprice.com for more on her father.

  Carter Reid

Creator of The Zombie Nation, a webcomic about zombie slackers during the zombie apocalypse.

“I live in the inky black depths of Utah, a blasted wasteland where the living envy the dead.

As you can probably tell I have a complete and total inability to take anything seriously.”

Jeff Strand is a funny, deeply disturbed individual.
—Jack Ketchum, author of Off Season and The Girl Next Door

Jeff Strand's bio used to mention his cat, but every author mentions a cat in their bio, so he's decided to quit doing it. Fight the power.

He's been writing ever since he was old enough to throw screaming fits in crowded supermarkets, though the quality of his work from that era is questionable. "How to Rescue a Dead Princess" is his silliest book.

If you're looking for something less silly, although not exactly high literature, you may want to try his Andrew Mayhem series: "Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary)," "Single White Psychopath Seeks Same," and "Casket For Sale (Only Used Once)." Also available is his obligatory 'giant ants attack the world' novel, "Mandibles."

Cemetery Dance magazine said that "No author working today comes close to Jeff Strand's perfect mixture of comedy and terror." They weren't talking about "How to Rescue a Dead Princess."

He checks his e-mail every forty-six seconds, and receiving e-mail from his readers makes him positively giddy. It's almost a little creepy. Write him at your own risk at JeffStrand@aol.com.

  Dan Wells

Dan Wells writes in a variety of genres, from dark humor to science fiction to supernatural thriller. Born in Utah, he spent his early years reading and writing. He is the author of the Partials series and the John Cleaver series. He has been nominated for both a Hugo and the Campbell Award, and has won a Hugo and two Parsec Awards for his podcast Writing Excuses.

Ghost of Honor

  Shirley Jackson

Shirley Jackson – We all know about her famous (and often taught in schools) story “The Lottery,” but she had quite a significant collection of fiction. Her work has influenced many writers, including Joanna Russ, Kelly Link, and Neil Gaiman.  Pick up the Library of America Collected Stories that came out in 2010. Her work still chills readers today. 

Visit her website at http://shirleyjackson.org.


Guests of Honor:

  Kevin J. Anderson

Kevin J. Anderson has published 125 books, more than fifty of which have been national or international bestsellers.  He has written numerous novels in the Star Wars, X-Files, and Dune universes, as well as a unique steampunk fantasy novel, Clockwork Angels, based on the concept album by the legendary rock group Rush. His original works include the Saga of Seven Suns series, the Terra Incognita fantasy trilogy, the Saga of Shadows trilogy, and his humorous horror series featuring Dan Shamble, Zombie PI. He has edited numerous anthologies, including the Five by Five and Blood Lite series. Anderson and his wife Rebecca Moesta are the publishers of WordFire Press.

Photo Credit: Sarah Thompson

  Michael R. Collings

Michael R. Collings is a two-time finalist for the Horror Writers Association annual Bram Stoker Award, once for poetry and once for non-fiction. He has written over 120 books, including bestselling horror novels, mysteries, science fiction, non-fiction (with Stephen King as a specialty) and poetry.

A retured professor emeritus from Pepperdine University, he is a professional editor and reviewer as well, with multiple contributions at JournalStone.com, Hellnotes.com, and in the print journal DARK DISCOVERIES.  He is currently an editor at JournalStone.

    BRIAN KEENE writes novels, comic books, short fiction, and occasional journalism for money. He is the author of over forty books, mostly in the horror, crime, and dark fantasy genres. His 2003 novel, The Rising, is often credited (along with Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic and Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later film) with inspiring pop culture’s current interest in zombies. Keene’s novels have been translated into German, Spanish, Polish, Italian, French, Taiwanese, and many more. In addition to his own original work, Keene has written for media properties such as Doctor Who, The X-Files, Hellboy, Masters of the Universe, and more.

Several of Keene’s novels have been developed for film, including Ghoul, The Naughty List, The Ties That Bind, and Fast Zombies Suck. Several more are in-development or under option. Keene also serves as Executive Producer for the independent film studio Drunken Tentacle Productions. Keene also oversees Maelstrom, his own small press publishing imprint specializing in collectible limited editions, via Thunderstorm Books. He is also the host of the popular podcast, THE HORROR SHOW WITH BRIAN KEENE, on the Project iRadio network.

Keene’s work has been praised in such diverse places as The New York Times, The History Channel, The Howard Stern Show, CNN.com, Publisher’s Weekly, Media Bistro, Fangoria Magazine, and Rue Morgue Magazine.

He has won numerous awards and honors, including the 2014 World Horror Grandmaster Award, 2001 Bram Stoker Award for Nonfiction, 2003 Bram Stoker Award for First Novel, 2004 Shocker Award for Book of the Year, and Honors from United States Army International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan and Whiteman A.F.B. (home of the B-2 Stealth Bomber) 509th Logistics Fuels Flight.

A prolific public speaker, Keene has delivered talks at conventions, college campuses, theaters, and inside Central Intelligence Agency headquarters in Langley, VA. The father of two sons, Keene lives in rural Pennsylvania.

    Jack Ketchum

Jack Ketchum is the pseudonym for a former actor, singer, teacher, literary agent, lumber salesman, and soda jerk–a former flower child and baby boomer who figures that in 1956 Elvis, dinosaurs and horror probably saved his life. His first novel, Off Season, prompted the Village Voice to publicly scold its publisher in print for publishing violent pornography. He personally disagrees but is perfectly happy to let you decide for yourself. His short story The Box won a 1994 Bram Stoker Award from the HWA, his story Gone won again in 2000 — and in 2003 he won Stokers for both best collection for Peaceable Kingdom and best long fiction for Closing Time. He has written over twenty novels and novellas, the latest of which are The Woman and I’m Not Sam, both written with director Lucky McKee. Five of his books have been filmed to date — The Girl Next Door, The Lost, Red, Offspring and The Woman, the last of which won him and McKee the Best Screenplay Award at the prestigious Sitges Film Festival in Spain. His stories are collected in The Exit At Toledo Blade Boulevard, Broken on the Wheel of Sex, Sleep Disorder (with Edward Lee), Peaceable Kingdom and Closing Time and Other Stories. His novella The Crossings was cited by Stephen King in his speech at the 2003 National Book Awards. In 2011 he was elected Grand Master by the World Horror Convention.


  Joe McKinney

Joe McKinney has been a patrol officer for the San Antonio Police Department, a homicide detective, a disaster mitigation specialist, a patrol commander, and a successful novelist. His books include the four-part Dead World series, Quarantined, Inheritance, Lost Girl of the Lake, The Savage Dead, Crooked House, and Dodging Bullets. His short fiction has been collected in The Red Empire and Other Stories and Dating in Dead World. In 2011, McKinney received the Horror Writers Association’s Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel.

He is on the 2013 Bram Stoker Award final ballot for best Young Adult novel. (Dog Days, pubhished with JournalSTone)

For more information go to joemckinney.wordpress.com.

  Darren Shan

Darren O'Shaughnessy, who commonly writes under the pen name Darren Shan, is an Irish author. Darren Shan is the main character in Shan's young adult series, "The Saga of Darren Shan."

He also wrote "The Demonata" series as well as the stand-alone books "Koyasan" and "The Thin Executioner."  "The City" trilogy was written for older, adult readers.  He has also written "The Saga of Larten Crepsley," which is based on "The Saga of Darren Shan." He is currently publishing a new 12 novel series "Zom-B." The first book went on sale in September 2012, with the final book scheduled to see print in spring 2016.

He recently began publishing under horror for adult readers under the name of Darren Dash.

His website is: http://www.darrenshan.com

  Keith Thompson

When not working on personal artworks that are part of a growing mythos, Keith Thompson's artwork appears in a wide range of places.  He has authored three art concept technique books and is the award winning illustrator of several NY Times bestselling books including the Leviathan trilogy.  Games that Keith has designed on include Borderlands and Warframe.  He designs regularly for the director Guillermo Del Toro, including the movie Pacific Rim, and the upcoming The Strain tv series and Crimson Peak feature film.  His work can be experienced in depth at keiththompsonart.com

When not traveling, Keith can usually be found shuttered away, carrying piles of books back and forth between his library and studio.