2016 World Horror Convention   April 28 - May 1, 2016, Provo, Utah    


Welcome to the ZomBee State!

OLD Announcements:

WHC2016 is pleased to announce that Darren Shan, bestselling author of children's and young adult horror, will join our list of guests at World Horror 2016!

WHC2016 is pleased to announce that David Farland has agreed to do a writing workshop at WHC!

Mr. Farland is a New York Times Bestselling and award-winning author.  He is editor of the Writers of the Future anthology and a former writing instructor.  He does a number of workshops both online and live.  Follow his Daily Kick in the Pants newsletter at http://www.mystorydoctor.com.

Going to World Horror in Atlanta?  Stop by the WHC2016 table and say hi!

NaPoWriMo is here!  If you write poetry, you should participate in the National Poetry Writing Month.  Everyone everywhere is invited to join in!

Membership for World Horror 2016 is $135 USD/person.

Do you love poetry?  We have THREE amazing poets: Michael R. Collings, Linda Addison, and Michael Arnzen!

WHC2016 just keeps getting better!  We’ve added another special guest!  Teacher, writer and poet Dr. Michael Arnzen!

WHC2016 is pleased to announce that author and editor Kevin J. Anderson will be our Toastmaster.  He has written and edited numerous books in multiple genres.

Film Festival Returns!
Mario DeAngelis, who runs the Salty Horror International Film Festival, will be running a film festival at World Horror 2016!

World Horror 2016 is pleased to announce two more guests:

Artist Keith Thompson

Author Dan Wells

WHC2016 is stepping things up!

Better hotel with more meeting space. More restaurants and bars close to the venue

More affordable pricing on hotel, food and amenities,

A retro-chic downtown

Only a little further South from our old location! 

Several interesting sites to visit while you’re here

We’re also setpping up programming to add more “true crime” presentations

Historic Downtown Provo is a step up for Utah WHC!